Letter to Our Members

Dear MAA Members and Friends,

Today, our Governor has put into effect that all schools in Michigan K-12 will be closed for the remainder of the school year. MAA knows how important Professional Development is for youth leaders who work closely to provide quality learning for our youth in Michigan. We will always work hard to support quality Professional Development for our members and friends of MAA. Please note that we not only have online training to support your staff, through our online networks, but we have trainers ready to work with you to create online individual site training for your staff.

This is a critical time for all of us and the need to address Professional Development for your staff while at the same time ensuring social distancing is vital. Together we know that our youth will always be our top priority and during this crisis we have come to recognize that learning cannot always be face-to-face. MAA over the past years have been proactive intentionally, working with partnering companies and trainers to build an online platform to support online virtual learning for your staffing needs. Serving professionals across the State, MAA understands how important it is to have training online through a virtual learning tool where our trainers are there for you. This is the time to come together and reach out to each and every organization that works with you to ensure that we as a force of professionals will be ready for our students return to programming (be it during the start of a summer program or this fall when they return to the classroom).

We must be prepared and strong in our Professional Development ready to support and lead our youth. Our students will need you more than ever moving forward. Please feel free to send us an email today and get started with a virtual learning with one of our trainers or below with our online training opportunities. MAA is ready to make sure that we are doing all that we can to support your organization during this time. We must come together for the sake of all our youth in Michigan.

Jennifer Bonner

Michigan AfterSchool Association


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