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Michigan AfterSchool Association Learning Network

Michigan AfterSchool Association invites you to participate in our newly developed online OST classes Learning Network. We will be offering 12 months access with 36 hours of OST Credit available.

Your subscription gives you:

  • 24-hour access to online classes
  • A certificate that will be generated for every class that you pass
  • A transcript that will be developed specifically for you!!

Sign up today! The Learning Network Platform is online now:

MAA Members (12-month access) $95

Non-MAA Members (12-month access) $145

Each Learning Network participant should have their own login, as courses taken work toward CE (continuing education) credits for individuals.


Any questions, please send us an email at Jennifer@miafterschoolassociation.org or call our office at 269-337-0707

MAA Learning Network Course Offerings

Download the course catalog with descriptions of each of the 36 courses: Michigan OSTPD Course Catalog 2017.1

Course 1: Exploring the Continuum of Developmental Tasks of School–‐Age Children from 5 to        12 – Implications for Programming

Course 2: Exploring Four Areas of Development

Course 3: Exploring Developmental Needs and Characteristics of Different Age Groups

Course 4: Exploring Individual Differences among School–‐Age Children

Course 5: Managing School–‐Age Children in Groups

Course 6: Guiding the Behavior of Individual Children

Course 7: Observation Skills

Course 8: Human Relations Skill Development

Course 9: School–‐Age Care as a Family Service – Part One (Emphasis on Relationship Building)

Course 10: School–‐Age Care as a Family Service – Part Two (Emphasis on Planning Opportunities for Family Involvement

Course 11: Building Relationships with School Personnel School

Course 12: Growing as a Professional in School

Course 13: Creating and Maintaining Safe School–‐Age Environments

Course 14: Creating and Maintaining Healthy School–‐Age Environments

Course 15: Designing Effective Indoor School–‐Age Play and Learning Environments

Course 16: Developing and Implementing Effective Indoor Interest Areas

Course 17: Developing and Implementing Effective School–‐Age Outdoor Environments and Interest Areas

Course 18: Exploring Effective Schedules, Diverse Activity Formats, Planning Tools, and Staff Roles

Course 19: Involving School–‐Age Children in Activity Planning and Implementation

Course 20: Developing Activities That Encourage Creativity and Cognitive Development

Course 21: Creating Successful Clubs, Special Events, and Field Trips in School

Course 22: Developing Activities That Support Character Development and Promote Social Interaction

Course 23: Providing Homework Support The National Standard Objectives of Learning (SOL)

Course 24: Helping Children with ADD Succeed in School

Course 25: Focus on Health and Stress Management

Course 26: Human Relations Skill Development: Focus on Leadership Styles and Conflict Management

Course 27: Exploring Ethics in OST: Focus on a Professional Code of Ethics

Course 28: Commitment to Quality in School

Course 29: Making Plans and Carrying Out Policy Planning and policy

Course 30: Creating and Managing Budgets in School–‐Age Programs

Course 31: The Six “Ps” of Marketing School–‐Age Programs

Course 32: Current Trends and Issues in Out–‐of–‐School Time Programs


Why take courses through the Michigan AfterSchool Association Learning Network? Simple: data shows that professional development improves OOST professionals’ level of care and enhances student outcomes: