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Michigan AfterSchool Association is proud to present professional development and training opportunities in collaboration with Cypherworx for providers who want to advance their knowledge in the OST field and who seek certifications through a CDA, School Age Certificate, MISAYD Certificate or Credential. The MAA Learning Network is utilized by Out-of-School-Time Providers and Youth Workers, Early Childhood Providers and Early Childhood Workers, School Counselors, and Educators who work with youth and who want to support programs that affect youth.


Cypherworx Online Learning

MAA is proudly partnering with Cypherworx to offer extended online learning opportunities.  This partnership allows MAA to offer training opportunities for youth development professionals at a low cost of $9.99 per course! Cypherworx has also created collections of courses to meet MISAYD requirements!  To sign up and learn more visit: https://collabornation.net/register/miafterschoolassociation



Online CDA

MAA and Cypherworx are also offering online Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential courses!  Complete your CDA course work online for only $199!  The program includes and requires a mentor during the process and will require you complete an observation and exam to earn your CDA Credential.  For more information and a listing of courses please visit:  https://collabornation.net/course/10828 

MiSAYD Certificate and Credential

The Michigan School-Age Youth Development (MiSAYD) Certificate and Credential is a professional development recognition system that is based on the National AfterSchool Association Core Knowledge and Competencies for AfterSchool and Youth Development Professionals. The MiSAYD is designed for all people working with children and youth in out-of-school time (OST) programs. The Certificate starts with basic competencies that workers should know and be able to do after a short amount of time working in the OST program. The Credential expands on the Certificate. Additional training and experience are required as well as assessment and a portfolio that demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge and skills. The program is available either as a 120-hour Credential or a 40-hour Certificate.

To sign up and pay for MiSAYD please visit: https://www.miafterschoolassociation.org/membership-account/membership-levels/ 

For information or questions about MiSAYD please email: misaydcinfo@gmail.com


For more information can email us at: info@miafterschoolassociation.org or call us at: 269-337-0707.


“Building a field of professionals that develops, supports, and promotes quality out-of-school (OST) programs for children and youth.”

Why take courses through the Michigan AfterSchool Association Learning Network? Simple: data shows that professional development improves OST professionals’ level of care and enhances student outcomes: