The MAA Board of Directors
The Michigan AfterSchool Association (MAA) is a membership association governed by a Board of Directors whose members are appointed for three-year terms. MAA is committed to diverse leadership among its Board of Directors. Board members are selected to reflect a broad knowledge and awareness of the issues facing the field. MAA’s board selection process seeks to recruit and select qualified leaders who will further our commitment to our mission and excellence in the afterschool profession. New board member terms begin in January. Vacated board seats are filled by board appointment as needed.

MAA Board Priorities
The Michigan AfterSchool Association is the state affiliate of the National AfterSchool Association (NAA). The mission of the Michigan Afterschool Association (MAA) is to build a field of professionals that develops, supports and promotes quality after school programs for children and youth. The core purpose of NAA and its state affiliate organizations is to serve the afterschool

Together, MAA and NAA provide an avenue for the voice of the afterschool professional to be heard locally, at the state level and nationally. MAA helps afterschool professionals stay informed about important developments in the afterschool field. MAA provides access to afterschool resources for programming and professional development. MAA is a part of a movement that is improving and expanding the quality of out-of-school opportunities throughout the state.

MAA Board Responsibilities
MAA board members are deeply committed to the organization’s mission. They bring expertise in key areas and represent diverse perspectives. The MAA Board oversees the activities of the association. Board members act only in the best interests of the association and must avoid conflicts of interest. They must act honestly, in good faith, and make informed decisions that further the objectives of the association’s mission.

MAA Board Time Commitment and Compensation
Each board member is appointed for a term of three years. Meetings of the full Board are typically held monthly, alternating between conference calls and face to face meetings. Conference call meetings are typically two hours in length. Face to face meetings are typically four hours in length, plus time for travel. Board members serve on committees that may conduct business by e-mail, conference call, or additional meetings. The Board President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer constitute the Board’s Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets as arranged before each Board meeting.

There is no compensation for serving as an MAA Board Member. MAA Board members are volunteers. Travel and other expenses associated with Board service may be reimbursed at the discretion of the Board.

MAA Board Candidate Qualifications
Candidates are selected based on their ability to demonstrate strong leadership, commitment, and contributions to the field. Candidates must uphold MAA’s mission, goals, and priorities. Candidates must be qualified to consider the perspectives, challenges, and choices inherent in the decisions affecting the association’s future. Candidates are expected to possess leadership skills and knowledge of the field. In addition, candidates must be able to make the necessary commitment of time and other resources to serve effectively as a board member. Candidates must be a current member of MAA.

MAA Board Candidate Nominations
MAA members are invited to nominate themselves or other candidates that they deem qualified to serve as Board Members. Candidates must complete the MAA Board of Directors Nomination Form and submit it to the MAA Governing Board.

Nomination Submission
Nomination Forms are available here on the MAA website or via email request to MAA Board Secretary, Shuna Hayward, at skhayward@hotmail.com.

Nomination forms are due by December 04, 2015. 

If you have any questions about appointments to the MAA Board of Directors, please contact the MAA Board Secretary, Shuna Hayward via email at skhayward@hotmail.com or by phone at (313) 967-5694.